Advance Public Speaking Training Workshop “Way2PublicSpeaking”

Who Should attend this workshop??

If you are a Doctor, Engineer, Artist, Politician, Entrepreneur, Corporate Professional or name any career, it doesn’t matter.  If you suffer stage fright or facing challenges in leading a team or communicating with colleagues. Join us in this workshop- we’ll help you to get through it.

Who is the trainer?

“Way2Publicspeaking” workshop is conducted by GVN Raju a world record holder and nationally recognized trainer in the field- Human Resource Development.

How long is the course for??

GVN Raju author of bestselling book – “101 Sins on Public Speaking”, with his vast experience and wonderful insights, he has designed a 2 day- workshop on “Public Speaking” with a strong intention to share the secrets & help people adapt “Stage fright” and master the “Art of Speaking”.

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Some words about us

We all know “Confidence” is a key factor for delivering speeches but this factor alone, cannot serve the purpose. There are several other aspects an individual should practice to master the “ART of Speaking”.

What we do?

In our workshop “Way2Publicspeaking”, emphasis on various important aspects to nurture the mindset and develop sensible speech flows within an individual.

This isn’t a regular public speaking-training program, it’s a complete interactive workshop where you will be given a chance to lead the participation and our trainers to share their secret techniques to instantly begin the speaker’s transformation within “YOU”.

Why choose us?

Who are the trainers & what experience they hold??

Our Speaker Mr. GVN Raju is an Orator, Motivator, Author and an Artiste with a World Record , himself is the unique aspect in “Way2publicspeaking” workshop. His background carries 30 years of experience in handling huge diversified audience by serving them informatively as a “Corporate trainer” and entertaining other set of audience as an “Artiste”.

He holds a post graduate certification in Oral Communication in English  from Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages and graduation in Adult Learning Principles from JCI University (USA). He holds Masters degree in Business Management and Sociology and Graduation in law.

What all does the program offers??

The two day session offers an amazing transformational change in the participants. Our workshops are mostly conducted in the best of the best ambiance to make sure that the individuals who are enrolled experience a premium services.

The price of the workshop includes – 2 Day Training, Lunch, High Tea, and Workshop Material.

What can you take home?

We would like to answer this in very simple words!!!



Discover more about us

“Way2PublicSpeaking” workshop helps you not to overcome but adapt stage fright!! Yes, Adapt stage fright – Please take look in the below video to understand our science. – All video courteous to “TED”.

Our Philosophy

Mr. GVN Raju identified some of the crucial aspect to master “Art of Speaking” and authored a book –“101 Sins on Public Speaking”.

Now, with this vast experience and wonderful insights, he has designed this two day workshop on “Public Speaking” with a strong intention to share the secrets & help you adapt “Stage fright” and master the “Art of Speaking”.

Yes, Adapt “Stage Fright” to master “Art of Speaking”.

What they say about us!

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The Most Effective Way to Master the

“Art of Speaking”

“Way2PublicSpeaking” workshop is designed to serve a major element & i.e. to help you handle the fears and master  “Art of Speaking”

Enrolling to this workshop will enable oneself  to confidently voice out by transforming  from an ordinary individual to an extraordinary leader.

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Frequently asked questions

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Can you make me sound confident?

We at way2publicspeaking” workshop focus more upon harnessing your fears. Our techniques are uniquely blended with “Science” & “Art”. These approaches will help our participants to understand public speaking with an entirely new perspective. This mindset shift practices of changing an individual has proven our effectiveness in over 5000 lives.


I have practiced many times but unable to speak. How can you help me?

Yes & Yes.., you require a perfect coach or an expert in public speaking who can personally observe and give you handhold training on how to go further. Personal attention will be given in our work shop & this is one of our key strength.

How are you different from other coaches?

Our coaches can imitate your modulation and suggest the best modulation which suits your vocal constitution. Our chief Coach is not just a trainer he has an ease of imitating many speakers and he also holds a “world record”. He can also imitate any speaker’s voice, mannerisms, body language, and voice-modulation with slang irrespective of language. This key skill makes our coaching unique.


Will you help me with PowerPoint and other visual aids?

If you have to understand better and enjoy, we provide the best tips on audios & visuals.



Our awesome features

The only training program where you get in-depth knowledge on all aspects of Public Speaking.

Public Speaking Over View

Learn the fundamentals of Public Speaking along with our unique technique-Crowd Handling

Personal Screening

Every speaker has their own personality to approach the crowd. In this stage, we enable you to discover & identify your own unique approach.

Speech Metrics

Stage of Establishing concrete structures to your speech.We would be providing amazing tools, which are capable to instantly change the quality of your speech.

Aware Key Attributes

Setting up right standards is crucial.We analyze and place you in the right balance to Kick start your speaker transformation.

Techniques to Infusion

Our Speaker Unique Techniques would be revealed in this stage by grooming your Mindset.

Digital Showcase

Participants consider speech filming as their “favorite part” of  our workshop.

Choose your packages & pricing

Pricing differs as per below packages you enroll, with no compromise on the quality.

For any further clarification, you are utmost welcomed to contact us on +91-92465-27-207; +91-9010-460-228

Students Offer

3500 INROne Day Training Workshop

101 Sins of Public Speaking printed book

Speaking & Fear Management

Voice Modulation

Voice culture

Speech Crafting

Certificate of participation

High Tea


Filming Session

A Complimentary Group Photograph

Non-Residential Training

7000 INR2 DAYS WORKSHOP @ Star Resort

101 Sins of Public Speaking printed book

Speaking & Fear Management

Voice Modulation

Voice culture

Speech Crafting

Filming Session

In depth Evaluation by the coach

A Complimentary Group Photograph

Certificate of participation

Food & Lunch & High Tea

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