“COW” can help your children develop speaking skills and confidence!!!

“COW” can help your children develop speaking skills and confidence!!!

Children Oratory Workshop

Now a days merit of the students are being judged by their written skills (marks awarded in the Exam) but not on their Speaking skills, Listening skills and presentation skills. These are the most important skills which one can’t ignore.  Either it is a job interview or talking to a new person or dealing with new client, the success is 95% possible with best presentation skills only.

Students have started communicating in SMS language, their speaking ability, diction, delivery, voice modulation are not seen in any form of oral communication. Their focus and communication is linked to 3C effect– Cricket, Cinema and Chatting on phone. This kind of culture is eclipsing the Oratory skills which are dynamic in nature.

In this systematic practical workshop children would get personal video counseling. Many practical techniques would give strength, at the end of the 2 days workshop they would proactively speak with confidence. Only 20 students will be allowed in a batch to have better focus on every participant. After 6 months of evaluation (once in a month practical test would be conducted) in graduation ceremony the Certificate will be issued.Personal care-way2publicspeaking  junior-young-learners

Junior Citizens are not taught Public Speaking Skills as much as schools teach Writing and Reading. Students get very less opportunities to practice public speaking skills. If young students are to express themselves well, they need have substantial amount of perfect process oriented practice. If this instruction starts in the early years of their Schooling they would get a strong foundation at an early age.

Starting at this stage, public speaking experiences can be fun and meaningful for their age. Systematic structure will increase children’s fluency and skill and give them an early start to expertise the better communication.

Enroll your  junior Citizens for a 2 full days or 6 day evening workshop to build speaking skills and boost Self Confidence in Children by developing Public Speaking Skills. This workshop is being organized on every second Saturday and Sunday for two full days in Hyderabad for  young children with 101 important traits of Public speaking.

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